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Welcome to online giftware catalog- the human-edited and well-written directory for sourcing Taiwan and China giftware suppliers, manufacturer, importers and wholesalers. In Taiwan and China, there are volumes of manufacturers and suppliers who have been specializing in giftware products for more than decades. Our marketing teams pay visit to hundreds of companies and factories to choose quality giftware wholesalers, suppliers and manufacturers with capabilities to design, develop and produce innovative giftware items. Please visit online catalog and browse the manufacturers' profiles and product lists.

Hot Giftware Items

  • Glass Giftware
    Glass Giftware- Candle Holders for Fantastic Party
  • Glass Candle Holder
    Glass Giftware- Dew Candle Holders
  • Candle Holder Gift
    Glass Giftware- Wedding Bless
  • Metal Gift Pen
    Metal Gift Pen, Roller Pen and Ball Pens
  • Hair Ornament Giftware
    Hair Ornament Giftware
  • Flower Afternoon Tea Cup Set
    Flower Afternoon Tea Cup Set